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Can A Person Living With HIV Immigrate To Canada?

Immigrating to Canada or any other country is a tedious task. One can’t simply immigrate to Canada without going through a proper medical screening. Irrespective of the fact that the person has submitted all documents; still, one would need to go through Canada Immigration medical exam.

The examination can consider whether a person can be considered to be clinically admissible to the country. In case, a person is having some serious health or medical condition, they might be denied entry to Canada.

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Can an HIV Patient Go To Canada?

 The question whether a person suffering from HIV can immigrate successfully to Canada is very common. However, the answer to this question entirely depends on the type of application being submitted.CIC medical

Permanent Residency

Applicants for permanent residency can be qualified workers or family members of a person who is a permanent resident or business personnel. However, all applicants over 15 years of age are required to go through a Canada Immigration medical exam. The HIV test forms an important part of the medical examination.

Laboratory tests like an HIV test if turns out to be positive can make the permanent immigration process hard for the applicant. An HIV patient’s application for permanent residency can get refused on two grounds. They are:

  • The health condition of the person can be considered as a danger to the health and safety of the public.
  • The person’s health might require excessive demand of Canada’s health services.

However, the excessive demand is not considered if the applicant applies as a refuge or is being sponsored by a Canadian citizen or permanent resident.

Temporary Residence

Canada Immigration medical exam is not required for temporary residents who are visiting Canada for less than 6 months. Only those who would be working in public health would need to go through the medical exam. Basically, they are not fit for provincial healthcare program. They won’t place a huge demand on health services. canada immigration medical exam

In case, a temporary resident applicant who needs to stay in Canada for more than 6 month’s they might be asked to go through a medical exam for certain cases. They are:

  • Applicant has lived in a country for more than six months where a contagious disease is common.
  • Canada Immigration medical exam might be needed when the applicant appears at the port of entry in poor health.

The applicant with a positive HIV result would be treated in the same way as a permanent residency applicant. Only if one is able to prove that they won’t have a huge demand for Canada’s health services, an application can be considered. Hence, having a string medication plan is important.

Asylum Application

Refugees must go through Canada Immigration medical exam but they are absolved from inadmissibility grounds. Only a refuge needs to prove that they meet the protection criteria, submitting permanent residency becomes easy. They can also enjoy health and social services of the government.

Hopefully, this blog has cleared your idea about who can apply for Canada immigration with an HIV. However, visa officers hold the unrestricted right to ask an applicant to go for a medical examination.