Dab Nails: The Best And Worst Types For You

It might be extremely difficult to figure out the right dab accessories because you will be spoilt with choices. You can come across a huge collection of dab nails but you need to focus on the quality as well. By going through the points mentioned below, you can get an idea about the various points which you should keep in mind when you buy e-nails online.


If you are purchasing an oil rig from a head shop, you will easily come across a glass nail. The major problem of glass nails is that it is unable to tolerate heat in great amounts. You need to be quite careful regarding the usage of torches so that the life of the glass nail can be extended.

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If you plan to buy e-nails online, apart from glass nails, you can opt for ceramic nails as well. The ceramic nails can withstand heat and you do not need to worry about using your torch carefully. When oil is being touched to the ceramic nails, you will find out that the piece should be cooled down slightly so that the burning of wax can be avoided. You can easily clean the ceramic nails. You can simply reheat the residual oil and can fleck it off by using the torch. The ceramic nails are quite fragile and can break off easily. In case the nails get chipped or cracked, the residual oil will penetrate into the cracks and destroy the nails completely.

If you are planning to buy e-nails online, you should always select a reputed brand when it comes to ceramic nails. You should also avoid dropping the ceramic nails because it might cause damage.


If you want to buy e-nails online, you should know that the quartz nails are made up from the quartz crystals. There are numerous benefits of choosing quartz nails if you are planning to buy e-nail online. Quartz nails can tolerate heat in higher amounts and last longer. The quartz nails are also more durable in comparison to the other varieties and you do not need to worry even if you drop the nail accidentally.

The quartz nails contain the benefits of the glass nails and are the easiest to clean. The quartz ails do not have any effect on the taste of the dab. The only problem with quartz nails is that they cool down quickly.buy enails online


Titanium nails are commonly used by the dabbers and they do not crack or break easily. These nails can tolerate high amounts of heat and have the capacity to retain the heat. Many dabbers feel that the titanium nails have an effect on the flavor of oil lending a metallic taste to it. In case you are looking forward to enjoy the aroma and flavor of the product then it is better to avoid the titanium nails.  You should be aware that titanium does not leech out harmful gasses into the product like other metals.

If you are planning to buy e-nails online, you should always purchase on the basis of your requirement and preference.